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Welcome to our About Us and Information page

1st most of our puppy information is in our puppy manual.  I have written over 40 pages (and adding to it all the time) It is in PDF Format and will be e-mailed to buyers once a deposit is put down. It covers many topics which I add to as needed. It currently has detailed topics including but not limited to:

Snow Forest Road

Important Puppy Information

Puppy Routines

Detailed Puppy Supply List

Bringing Puppy Home

Puppy Feeding Schedule


Monitoring Health

Vaccinations and Vet Care

Stress & Disease Prevention

Parasites to watch out for

Understanding Canine Behavior

House training

Behavior Problems

Puppy Socialization

Obedience Training

Husky Close Up

When to Switch Foods 

Tips for a Well Behaved Puppy

The Mouthing Puppy

Food and Vitamins


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