Siberian Husky Eyes & Masks


I have created this page to show the different eye colors and masks of the Siberian Husky. You can also see Coat colors, Patterns and Types here. All the pictures below are pictures of our current huskies or past dogs that we have bred.

Those Eyes!

Not only does the Siberians coat come in a large range of colors, but so do their eyes!

All eye colors are acceptable in the Siberian Husky and eye color has no bearing on eye health.

Blue eyes:

What people commonly think of when they imagine a Siberian.

Brown eyes:

A deep, rich brown color.

Amber eyes:

Usually present in red & white or pure white Siberians. (A light brown).

Green eyes:

Usually present in red & white or pure white Siberians. A very light brown mixed with blue making the eyes appear green.  


The eyes are different colors. Examples are one blue and one brown, one brown and one amber, and so on. Either eye can be either color.

Parti or Split eyed:

The iris is split in half. One half is one color, the other is another.

Example: top half blue, bottom half brown or left half brown, right half blue.

Can occur in only one eye or both eyes.

Siberian Husky Mask's

 Here we show types of masks.

Full Mask w bars 

Full Mask no bars 

Clover Mask or Goggles

(complete absence of bars between the eyes)

Open Face, No Mask

Dirty Faced Siberians


A dirty faced Siberian is one that is heavily marked or smudged looking.

There can be an absence of white, both on the face and the body of the dog.

This can create a "wolf-like" appearance.


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